Andy Seize

Andy studied for his Fine Art degree at Central Saint Martins School of Art and his work covers a wide range of disciplines including painting, drawing and printmaking. His current work draws influence from abstract expressionism, pop art, graffiti, cartoons and hot rod cars. Along with using canvas, boards and glass, he loves to work outdoors painting murals, vehicles and other large-scale found objects. His preferred medium for his current work is acrylic, aerosol and oil paint.

Having grown up and lived in London all his life Andy couldn’t imagine living outside the hustle and bustle of a big city. City life feeds his imagination – the latest sneakers, art, fashion, torn posters, the Tube system, street signs, current affairs, custom cars and Disney/Marvel characters.

His work draws influence from his past, the people around him and issues in the news.

He likes to use bright colours, feature superheroes, cartoon characters and London street scenes. An important process in the work is the composition and placement of images, often overlapping and layering, hiding objects and duplicating others.

Over the past few months his work has developed from using oil and acrylic paints exclusively, to experimenting with computer design packages and printing images that are transferred onto glass (reclaimed Tube train windows).

As well as creating his own art, Andy has been involved in community art projects for many years. Working with people from wide and varied backgrounds (disadvantaged, excluded, vulnerable, young offenders) and on projects to enhance the visual environment for the whole community, Andy enjoys the challenge and rewards of community art.

You can contact Andy by phone at +44 (0)79 6787 9421, and email him at